Action Plan 1


I’m one of those people that likes an action plan and I am also a list person. I like to tick things off – makes me feel like I am progressing and getting things done.  This is a list I came up with on a bad day at home, I’m sharing it in the hope that I will do it!  I’ll report on progress of my ‘Action Plan for Physical and Mental Health’ regularly!

So here it is:

1. Go for walks 3 nights a week

2. Start yoga 2 times a week

3. Healthier diet

4. Get a cleaner

5. Get Jayden and Mahya into a stricter routine which involves naps during the day

6. Ask Tim to cook more to lessen burden on me

7. Maintain or try to keep positive about job

8. Meet friends fortnightly

9. Go out with Tim fortnightly – take turns organising

10. Plan a holiday for the end of the year

How have I gone over the last month?

1. So far for the first few weeks I did indeed go for a walk at least twice a week.

2. I am yet to start yoga classes, but I’ve been talking about them so long that Tim bought me a voucher for Mother’s Day. I am yet to start.

3. I have been trying to listen to my body, rather than eat and drink etc based on habit.  I do however drink my cup of coffee nearly every day. It is my little treat!

4. I have not gotten a cleaner and the task of maintaining this house of mine does at times overwhelm me. I do however want to get a dishwasher, which will mean I don’t spend half my day washing dishes. The garden is another story entirely….

5. This one is a bit hit and miss. Often when I am home, the kids are so excited that they don’t sleep, or they feel some sort of ‘awake’ energy from me and fail to cooperate.  These days are usually long and involve frustrations from me, as I end up having to carry and rock and walk with Mahya for hours within a day.

6. One can ask one’s husband to cook more, but whether it happens is another thing entirely.  It can get exhausting because Tim and I are vegetarian and the kids are not, so I often have to cook several meals in one day. Also because I work some days, I try and cook ahead of time, which can mean that I get tired of cooking and not very creative.

7. This is also a bit up and down. Some days I feel better about the job than other times.  I do feel grateful for having a job and for the fact that I work with good people and for an environmental organisation, so there are positives. But its enough said on that front for now!

8. I have not been good with meeting friends fortnightly. The last few weeks have been busy organising a mega party for Jayden and there have been family issues. But lunch meetings are on the cards for the next few weeks.

9. Oh yes the elusive date nights that I thought I would have plenty of when I came back to Sydney. Tim and I did go out for dinner a few weeks ago and a herbal tea at a cafe/bar in Lane Cove, so a little tick there…

10. I have been thinking of a holiday, just toying with locations….local, overseas, driving holiday?? etc

Do you have an action plan that you want to share??

One thought on “Action Plan 1

  1. Rachel June 5, 2012 / 1:37 pm

    Loving the blog! Lists are fantastic – and public commitments even better. I’ve started a running list on the blackboard at home. Yet to cross anything off, of course…

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