Back to where it all started!

Alhambra Fort, Granada Spain
So this picture doesn’t have anything to do with my yoga classes, but it’s a nice picture I thought I’d share!

I am very excited and had to share – I went back to Acharyas Yoga Centre at Pitt Street Sydney today at lunch time (it felt so great to go back).

What I love about Acharyas is  that it is Hatha yoga and you start each class lying on the ground enveloped by a blanket (so nice in winter) as you listen to soothing music and smell the incense wafting through the air.  This helps in relaxation immediately. You follow this by pranayama which is so important – simply breathing – deeply!

You then start your ‘limbering up’ exercises followed by the asanas. I like the fact that you stay a while in the poses, so that you get get your alignment correct and trust me it is harder to hold a pose, than to jump to the next one.  You end again with relaxation. I have been dreaming about the relaxation part for months now. My life is so hectic and while I may not have really appreciated the meditation previously, I now long for it.

Acharya died in 2007, but the new instructors keep the spirit alive (and the prices – my lunchtime class today cost $12. I think that has to be the cheapest class I have found!), however Acharya’s sense of humour was missed today.

I think everyone needs some time to themselves – to get some balanace. I am so grateful that I work close to Acharyas, so I can take advantage of this on the days that I work.  To all the eco-mummys and eco-daddys out there – you may have different ways of finding your inner peace that you may want to share. If you live in Sydney, perhaps Acharyas can help you as much as it has helped me.

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