The not so great news


The hot potato that was the ‘carbon tax’ was in the spotlight again over the last few weeks resulting in the repeal of the ‘carbon tax’. While many people will applaud this, particularly polluting businesses, others like myself see this as another step backwards by the Abbott government.
Dealing with climate change has been such a big issue for Australia for many years, from the refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol to this disincentive to pollute being abolished.
The government is saying that the consumer wins, as the polluting industries like the energy sector only passed on the cost to the consumer.
While this may be true, the repeal is unlikely to result in significant savings to the energy bills of the average ‘joe’. Let’s hope the much touted ‘direct action’ plan which is made up of financial incentives to polluters to become energy efficient actually results in carbon reductions.
I am skeptical and am again hanging my head in shame at the backwardness of this government.
So is it time to throw our hands in the air and resign ourselves to bad governance on climate change? For those that want to maintain the pressure on our government, there are a host of organizations ready to take your enthusiasm and channel it. Check these links out and get active:

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