I decided to start this blog for myself really….I lived overseas (the UAE) for 5 years. It was an interesting time and place and I made so many lovely friends, but the whole time I lived there, I knew that I was not living the most sustainable life – what with desalinated water flowing out of fountains, food flown from all over the world, no walking, 24 hours a day, nearly 365 days a year air conditioning…..I did try though and for UAE standards I was pretty green (see Abu Dhabi Eco-Chicks – a group I helped start http://abudhabiecochicks.wordpress.com/). Things are improving in the UAE, but as a whole I cannot say the environment is in the top 5 of many people’s agendas.

While I lived in the UAE I had several life changing experiences and two of them were the births of my son and daughter – both delightful and challenging children and individuals!

We all decided to move back to Sydney – where I lived before living in Abu Dhabi. The first 6 months were crazy, but slowly I think I’m finding my greener roots once more. This is my story of trying to be an eco-mummy on a budget and taking my family on the journey!

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