Happy World Environment Day

World Environment Day website

I have not been very good and only just realised that it is World Environment Day today (June 5, 2012).  The theme for this year’s world environment day is ‘Green economy: does it include you?

I would have to say that yes it does. The United Nations Environment Program defines this as ‘one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive’. I try to incorporate these principles into my life overall.  Some of the things that I am doing are:

  • Installed solar panels (1.5 kW system which will account for all my daily needs – just not nightly needs!)
  • Recycling all the waste that I can and have established a compost and worm farm which are really making a huge difference in the amount of food we now no longer throw away
  • Other behavioural things to try and reduce energy and water use like turning off lights and using energy and water efficient appliances
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Taking public transport to and from work

These are just some of the things I am doing. I am planning on doing much much more. But how did this day not even make it to my radar this year? I work for an environmental organisation and there was nothing about this unique day mentioned today – just another ordinary day at work….but then again, we’re all part of the green economy there….

But it is a special day and the UNEP website has more information about it (hey you can even possibly win an electric car!). Also special this year because it is the 40th year anniversary of the UNEP. So try and engage within the green economy. I will continue this theme and post regularly on how I’m doing.

So are you part of the green economy?



At the time of my pregnancy with my son, I decided to rid my apartment of nasty chemicals – a tough thing to do in the UAE where the smell of bleach means ‘clean’. I then discovered Enjo at the house of my ante-natal teacher. I bought them and used them for a few years. I didn’t really find them any more effective than a regular cloth and I was clean!

The National newspaper covered this topic and I will post a link to the article.

Here ins Sydney, I am using environmentally friendly cleaning products, though I admit I have to research more to find the good ones. At least there are some things available in the regular supermarkets.

What have you found to be effective and cost-effective? I already know about bicarb soda and vinegar. Any other ideas or suggestions, especially for bathrooms?