Gettin’ the job done!

My son is really into ‘Bob the Builder’ at the moment. His favourite catchphrase is ‘let’s get the job done’. That’s usually my motto too. Just get it done! which may make me a little impatient – well my husband would probably say, very impatient. I am trying and I try every day to be more patient. With life and my kids! So I am very delighted to say that today, I got a few more things done that have seriously taken me months to do (doesn’t that show patience?) – remove old nail polish from my toes and a little bit of hair removal! yes, it really doesn’t take much to make this eco-mummy happy.

I am enjoying a blissful few hours, as all kiddies (I take care of my niece while my sister is at work) are asleep. These are rare times and so rare is also the feeling that I can maybe have a few precious moments to myself. I feel so crazy most of the time, like someone who has had too much caffeine and has a bad twitch, so even when I can relax, I don’t. My eyes are darting here and there looking for things to do.

I had lunch with a friend a few weeks ago and felt  terrible when I just got up really abruptly and announced the end of our lunch date, then realising that my lunch hour was not yet over. And also terrible when another friend came over for tea and I spent the whole time looking at my kids who (yes rare) happened to be playing happily by themselves, but I just felt that a meltdown was around the corner and was on high alert.

So today, I am enjoying my time removing nail polish, dreaming of more ‘green things’ to do around the house and just being!  

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